Need a slim and compact charger?


    Apr 04, 2014

    Need a slim and compact charger?


    IN THESE days when people lug around multiple portable electronic devices, the need to find an instant power source whenever a gizmo conks out has become more urgent.

    Hence the proliferation of portable battery chargers, some of which can be bulky and heavy. And some do not even hold enough charged power to boost more than one or two devices, never mind the power-capacity rating.

    Energizer, the dry-cell battery maker, has ventured into this market in recent times. Its earlier models were somewhat upsized and not really suitable to be carried around.

    However, the latest model, XP5000, is a slim and compact charger which caters to the mobile lifestyle. It is 12.4mm long, 62mm wide, 16.5mm high and weighs 133g. The XP5000, rated at 5000 mAh, has a built-in retractable charging cable with micro USB connector, unlike most chargers which require separate plug-in cables.

    There are two additional USB ports, which means up to three devices can be charged at the same time.

    If you register the product online, you can get two free tips on power management each year, for the life of the product. This is a strange incentive, as tips on power management cannot possibly be chargeable (no pun intended).

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