'Mummy's boy' Taufik a doctor in new film

WHERE DOES IT HURT? Taufik plays the titular disillusioned doctor who returns to his home town in the singer's feature film debut.


    Aug 12, 2016

    'Mummy's boy' Taufik a doctor in new film


    SINGER Taufik Batisah could not figure out why Sabri Yunus cast him as the lead

    in Dukun Doktor Dani.

    "I was scared to ask him initially. I told myself to find out when we do the press interviews for the movie," said the Singaporean.

    The veteran actor-director who is famed for notable television drama series like Sanggul Berdarah, confessed that he is not a fan of Taufik's most popular hit song, #AwakKatMane.

    "I don't think it's meant for someone my age," said Sabri, 54.

    In Dukun Doktor Dani, 34-year-old Taufik

    plays the titular character Dani.

    After losing a patient during an operation,

    an emotionally distressed Dani quits the medical profession and retreats to his home town.

    Then, he meets Sudin (Sabri), a traditional medicine practitioner, and decides to work with him.

    However, other village folk start accusing Dani

    of exploiting Sudin's reputation to establish

    his own medical practice in the kampung.

    The comedy-drama also stars Fasha Sandha, Khatijah Tan and Amerul Affendi.

    Sabri shared that he had the idea for Dukun Doktor Dani 30 years ago. He described it as an old story inspired by the lives of those in the kampung.

    Despite his light-hearted approach, the movie bears a serious message about accountability.

    "It's basically about someone who is so disappointed by his own failures that he stops offering his service or gift. He thinks by doing so, he can prevent more deaths. But he ends up 'killing' more people, especially his own mother," he said.

    Dani has a close relationship with his mother (Khatijah) which is something that Taufik

    could easily relate to.

    "I'm a mummy's boy in real life.

    "I know what it's like to be someone who is scared to let their loved ones down."

    Previously, the Singapore Idol winner had

    acted in telemovie Demi Adriana and

    stage musical Fried Rice Paradise.

    Dukun Doktor Dani is his feature film debut.

    To combat his nerves, he even got some advice from wife Sheena Akbal.

    "She told me to not be shy about asking for help.

    "She also reminded me to rehearse and

    be well-prepared with my lines," he said.

    Taufik is ready to face any criticism about

    his performance in Dukun Doktor Dani.

    "After 12 years in the entertainment industry,

    I learnt that criticism comes with the job.

    "I'm willing to accept any feedback and apply it to my next project, whether it's in acting or music."


    Dukun Doktor Dani is showing at selected Singapore cinemas.