MTV launches global cover song contest

MIX IT UP: American singer Posner's


    Aug 26, 2016

    MTV launches global cover song contest


    MTV on Wednesday invited fans around the world to cover hit songs, with the winner set to earn fame by starring in an original video.

    The pioneering music network announced the contest ahead of Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards in New York and geared the initiative towards viewers in the network's more than 120 markets outside the United States.

    It will announce a song each month.

    To enter the competition, international viewers will need to upload cover versions on YouTube and submit them online to be the MTV Cover Of The Month.

    MTV International will recognise each month's winner through a recurring spot on television and a trophy.

    It will also pick a winner of the year, who will star in an original music video to be produced and promoted by the network.

    The first song in the contest, which will open after Sunday's awards gala, is Mike Posner's global hit I Took A Pill In Ibiza.

    The track has already gone through a musical transformation. Posner wrote it as a pop song with light guitar.

    But - true to the sound of the Spanish resort of Ibiza - it climbed the charts as an electronic dance track mixed by Norwegian duo Seeb.

    "I'm all about anything that supports creativity and self-expression," said Posner who will personally select the winner.

    MTV International senior vice-president Kerry Taylor said the contest was part of its approach of preserving its global brand identity while encouraging a local flavour.

    She added that MTV was open to covers from all around the world, including with strong regional adaptations.

    "When you look at the kind of success of people doing covers on YouTube and just knowing how much our audiences universally love music, this felt like a contest that would work as well in Asia as it would in the Americas," she said.