M'sia firm hopes sepak takraw will be mobile hit

ASIAN SPORT: Malaysian game developer Mediasoft Entertainment claims to be the first to release sepak takraw as a mobile game.


    Apr 29, 2016

    M'sia firm hopes sepak takraw will be mobile hit


    YOU can now play sepak takraw as a mobile game with the newly released Roll Spike.

    Created by local games development house Mediasoft Entertainment, the mobile game claims to be among the first to feature the popular South-east Asian sport.

    Users can easily perform kicks, passes, headers, blocks and special roll spike attacks by simply using the on-screen directional pad and button controls system which have been optimised for mobile phones.

    The game also features a number of teams such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines, as well as different stadiums. The company said more teams and venues will be added in future updates.

    "I love sports games but the market is dominated by popular Western sports such as football, basketball and tennis," said the company's managing director Havene Liew.

    "We wanted to create a game that is not only enjoyable but also reflects our local culture. We hope that Roll Spike will not only be successful as a game but will also shed light on the sport," he added.

    Known by different names such as sipa in the Philippines and takro in Thailand, the game is similar to volleyball.

    However, instead of a regular ball, it uses a rattan ball and relies on players using their feet, knees and chest instead of their hands.

    The game is now available on Google Play store and iOS in South-east Asia and the company indicated that a global launch will be coming soon.