Mrs Beckham debuts 'urban surf' line in NY

SWEPT AWAY: The Spring 2016 collection by Beckham, during New York Fashion Week on Sunday. The former Spice Girl summed up her spring/summer 2016 look as "energetic and uplifting".


    Sep 15, 2015

    Mrs Beckham debuts 'urban surf' line in NY


    VICTORIA Beckham sent a high-energy collection of print and colour inspired by urban surf down the New York runway on Sunday and said she would love to dress Hillary Clinton.

    The mother of four, wife of retired football legend David Beckham and former Spice Girl has cemented her place in the fashion industry by designing beautiful clothes that flatter women of every shape and size.

    Her show on day four of New York fashion week saw David sit front row, effortlessly handsome in a tan suit and buttoned white shirt, next to eldest son Brooklyn and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

    Husband and son proudly filmed the show on their phones, before waiting patiently backstage as Victoria was mobbed by admirers after the show.

    Beckham summed up her spring/summer 2016 look as "energetic and uplifting" - pointing out it was a bigger collection than normal with "lots of options" for clients to "really make it your own".

    "It's a very liberating collection. I feel in a good place and I think that you can see that from the collection," she told reporters.

    "Hearing what the girls have to say when they're wearing the clothes, it's really happy, it's uplifting, it's been really liberating and easy."

    While there were still examples of the long, lean silhouette most often associated with her brand, the show marked a significant departure for Beckham in her bold use of colour and print.

    Beckham said she and her team developed an urban surf print in-house, which was then disrupted and chopped up.

    There were burgundy, white and green gingham dresses, delicate white knits, cropped wide pants and hibiscus-patterned fabrics, brush strokes of orange, electric blue and scarlet.

    "It's a big print season for me this season but with that surf print, it's urban surf, it's not California surf, it's city surf," she said.

    There was black leather - a crop top paired with scarlet trousers and a long skirt - as well as tan suede fashioned into a hoodie top and dresses.

    Colours were mixed - a red suede pocket on a white skirt, red buttons on a white dress or a coloured pleat on a white-pleated skirt.

    She also unveiled a bag, the Half Moon - a huge semi-circle tote that one reporter joked you could fit the kitchen sink and tipped to become a huge hit.

    "I love that bag. I think again that feels something very new and very fresh," she said.

    Beckham, whose first dedicated London boutique is going from strength to strength, is known for making wearable clothes that suit all women.

    She said the lightness of her fabrics were inspired in part by her travels to Asia, which is her fastest growing market.

    "Everywhere I go, I'm learning," she said.

    Still only 41, the woman who shot to stardom 20 years ago as Posh Spice in a manufactured pop band said she still gets "oh my God moments" when thinking about how successful her clothing line has become.

    "I do that everyday, like pinch myself, I feel very lucky, I feel very blessed and thankful to my team," she said.

    But one woman Beckham has yet to meet but would love to dress is Hillary Clinton, the 2016 White House election hopeful campaigning to become the first female leader of the United States.

    "I've never met her," she said. "I would love to. I support women and I love strong women and so, I would absolutely love to dress her."