Moby 'drowns' in despair in new album announcement

SAVE THE WORLD: Moby's new album, These Systems Are Failing, will be released on Oct 14.


    Sep 26, 2016

    Moby 'drowns' in despair in new album announcement


    MOBY, the electronic artist known for his dark musical undertones and staunch advocacy of animal rights, has announced a new album in the form of an environmental manifesto.

    Entitled These Systems Are Failing, the album to be released on Oct 14 will be the debut of his new act called Moby And The Void Pacific Choir.

    Moby released an initial two tracks, which have echoes of the techno sound that made him famous in the 1990s but carry a forceful wall of guitar and bleak minor-key arrangements.

    A video for the title track starts with Moby dragging a microphone stand through a parking lot and into nature before a rapid-paced tour of consumer culture.

    The video races through a supermarket before showing piles of chicks being dumped to their deaths in an egg factory and a sneering Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate.

    In a video manifesto to announce the album, Moby - appearing to be drowning in a pool to dark ambient music - questions the state of human civilisation.

    "We're still acting as our ancestors acted, grasping for food, destroying nature, killing animals, killing each other, maintaining systems that haven't worked in a long time," he says.

    "These systems are killing us. These systems are killing everything. These systems are failing. Let them fail!"

    Moby will release the album before Circle V, a new vegan music and food festival on Oct 23 that he has launched in Los Angeles, where the native New Yorker has relocated.