Microsoft's new tablet may replace laptops

LIGHTWEIGHT: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet weighs 800g.


    May 23, 2014

    Microsoft's new tablet may replace laptops


    MICROSOFT on Tuesday unveiled a new Surface Pro tablet designed as a powerful all-purpose computer that can replace laptops.

    Surface Pro 3 is touted as being slimmer, bigger and more powerful than its predecessor, having been crafted for a world where people want to work as well as play on tablets.

    "We want products and technologies that enable people to dream and get stuff done," Microsoft chief Satya Nadella said at a press event in New York.

    Featuring a high-resolution screen that measures 30.5cm across diagonally, Pro 3 weighs approximately 800g.

    The tablet has the trademark Surface keyboard cover, but has been modified so users can tilt it as they wish and so it can be more securely anchored while being used, say, on a person's lap.

    It also comes with a "pen" that can be used to remotely activate Pro 3 with clicks or to write on the device as if it were a notepad.

    Pro 3 could strike a chord with people who want to leave their laptops behind and just carry a tablet when they are on the move.

    The entry-level 64GB version costs S$1,108, while a high-end version with a Core i7 chip and 512GB of capacity is going for S$2,698, according to