Apr 11, 2016

    Melt for these S'pore artisanal chocolate treats

    IN A market dominated by foreign brands that cater to the masses, a growing number of chocolatiers are creating a niche for their artisanal products. Here are three homegrown brands for a little sweet indulgence.


    Tel: 9683-2136

    Off-the-shelf ingredients are just too mainstream for this hipster chocolatier.

    Lim Jialiang recently travelled to Marukyo-koyamaen's plant in Kyoto for green tea to use in his truffles, while picking up sake lees and kinako (roasted soy flour) along the way for experimentation.

    You will find his matcha truffles on his webstore launched last week. The soft, creamy confectionery is mostly made from single-origin Valrhona couvertures, which include a whisky truffle made from Suntory Hibiki 12, and even a wacky salted egg and cereal creation.

    Prices range from $16 to $19 per 100g. Delivery charges start from $9. Free for orders above $120.


    Wild Nibs is probably the first indie cacao roaster, which uses fair trade beans with no vanilla or soy lecithin added.

    Founder Jay Chua painstakingly hand-sorts the single-origin beans, roasts them, then winnows them to remove the husks.

    The nibs are used in cookies ($25 for five huge ones), or ground in a melangeur (a vintage cocoa grinder) and aged for a month before they are tempered and moulded into bars for chocolate workshops and appreciation sessions.

    If you just want the goods, try the Balao 75 per cent cookies (floral, mocha and cream with a hint of spice), or the Kilombero 67 per cent cookies with floral and honey notes.


    Tel: 9339-3940

    In her previous life, Leela Titus was a lawyer. In 2013, however, she gave up the courtroom for the kitchen and has been making and designing chocolates by hand for the last three years. She gets her couverture from Europe (such as Valrhona), and holds workshops for chocolate-making and appreciation.

    Her classic chocolate truffle flavours include raspberry and mint while more unique flavours include tea and biscuits, chai and even a rosemary with olive oil.

    She also does chocolate-coated honeycomb, chocolate lollipops and even edible footwear in the shape of high heels.