Meat-free but power-packed buns

HEARTY AND HALAL: Collagen Crunch Giggle (centre) and (clockwise from top left) Lovesick Red Beans, Orange Apple Duet, Chocolate Apple Boom! and Mega Spiced Egg.


    Mar 17, 2014

    Meat-free but power-packed buns


    Sims Vista Market and Food Centre, Block 49, Sims Place, 01-09


    8am-3pm (Mondays to Saturdays), closed on Sundays

    Rating: 3/5

    IT'S hard to forget a stall name like No Bloody Buns.

    It's catchy, it's rude, it's cheeky.

    It also does not make much sense, since the stall sells, well, buns.

    A colleague told me about the stall, and I could not get its name out of my head.

    Intrigued, I made my way down to Sims Vista Market and Food Centre in Sims Place to check it out.

    The halal-certified hawker stall, which opened six months ago, sells buns that come in various flavours, fillings and toppings, none of which contains meat or any ingredient that might once have had blood in it.

    The buns are topped with a variety of nuts and seeds, ranging from almonds to sunflower seeds.

    There are savoury buns and sweet buns, and no fewer than 10 options each day. They come individually packed and sealed in plastic, and should last until the day after they are purchased, given Singapore's climate.

    Behind the stall is former accountant Tan Kia Meng, 55, who bakes the buns fresh every day, starting at 6am. Everything is made from scratch, and his offerings do not contain additives.

    The buns are light and soft in texture and slightly sweet in taste.

    What stands out here is that the dough is flavoured. Think buns that come in onion, orange or chocolate flavours.

    And they are very more-ish indeed. I would have loved to try his kailan juice-flavoured option, but he has stopped selling it, perhaps because the thought of vegetable juice in a bun did not appeal to most customers.

    My picks include Lovesick Red Beans, a chocolate bun covered with crunchy pumpkin seeds and filled with steamed red beans; Chocolate Apple Boom!, a dark-chocolate bun with chopped peanuts, stewed apple and raisins; and Mega Spiced Egg, a wholemeal onion bun with cheese that is filled with a baked egg seasoned with Italian spices.

    Other interesting options include Collagen Crunch Giggle, a wholemeal bun topped with slices of banana and chunks of almond. It is filled with an avocado spread flavoured with honey, oregano and lemon.

    Going for between $1.30 and $1.80 each, the buns are reasonably priced, considering the ingredients that Mr Tan uses. Nuts and seeds do not come cheap.

    No bloody buns about it, this is a great attempt to add some variety to the marketplace.

    It helps that the buns are pretty bloody tasty too.