Mandopop diva still A-meizing after 17 years

DAZZLING: Chang, who performed in the National Stadium in 1999, serenaded her fans with mellow tunes as A-mei and belted high-energy songs as her alter ego, Amit, on Saturday night at the same venue.


    Jan 11, 2016

    Mandopop diva still A-meizing after 17 years

    IT HAS been 17 years since Taiwanese pop diva A-mei rocked the National Stadium, in 1999.

    On Saturday night, she proved she is still the reigning queen of Mandopop when she returned to the National Stadium as part of her world tour.

    Despite the impressive stage set-up, which cost US$3.5 million (S$5 million), the focus remained firmly on the 43-year-old pop star, whose real name is Chang Hui-mei.

    Chatting enthusiastically to the crowd of 20,000, she was visibly impressed by the warm response to her performance. Fans cheered, danced and sang along loudly to her hits.

    "This is why I love coming to Singapore," she said in Mandarin.

    "You guys aren't just super high, you're explosively high. I need to calm myself down now."

    As her alter ego Amit, she sang more high-energy numbers like the metal-tinged Freak Show from her latest studio album, Amit 2.

    She toned down when transforming to her other persona, A-mei, belting out classic tunes like Remember and I Want Happiness.

    The crowd responded most enthusiastically to her popular ballads, including a spontaneous rendition of Listen To The Sea, one of her oldest hits.

    Throughout, A-mei's husky, powerful vocals were perfectly showcased and she hit her high notes effortlessly.

    Surprisingly, she also performed her gay-friendly song Rainbow, which she was prohibited from singing at the Spring Wave Music and Art Festival here in 2014.

    "This song is dedicated to true love. Where there is love, there will be rainbows," she said.