Make V-Day treats with pre-packed kits

FROM THE HEART: These mini cheesecakes are made from the pre-packed kits from Muji (Singapore).


    Feb 03, 2016

    Make V-Day treats with pre-packed kits

    IF YOU'RE looking to make sweet treats for your loved ones this Valentine's Day, pre-packed handmade goodie kits from Muji (Singapore) could come in handy.

    The treats, which range from handmade doughnut-shaped chocolates to macaroons and brownies, are sold with the ingredients packaged separately and pre-measured.

    Each kit comes with a detailed recipe and step-by-step instructions, with serving sizes varying from six to 40.

    All Muji stores - except Muji to Go at Changi Airport Terminal 2 - sell the Valentine handmade sets.

    There are 16 different types with prices ranging from $10.90 to $18.90. From Thursday to Feb 14, you can enjoy an additional 20 per cent discount off all Valentine's Day food items.

    Six of the 16 sets are recipes which do not require baking, such as marshmallow chocolate bars ($12.90).

    Those who prefer hot baked goods can try the new chocolate chiffon cake or heart-shaped mini cheesecakes (both $13.90).

    The treats, which are not halal-certified but contain no pork ingredients, are best consumed within a few days after baking for freshness.