May 05, 2016

    Madcap kidnap of a Web celeb

    GRACE (NC16)

    Thriller/97 minutes/Opens today

    Rating: 4/5

    The story:

    Grace (Sakuljaroensuk) is a faded Internet idol who becomes upset when she is unseated by rising star Care (Surawan), who is gaining popularity with her cute looks and bubbly personality.

    Together with Jack (Kotimanuswanich), Care's obsessed No. 1 fan, Grace plots a perverse plan to kidnap and torture Care.

    ONE of the most underrated films of last year was Knock Knock. Like it, this Thai offering is a wackadoodle kidnapping picture with a playful, erotic edge.

    The perps in that movie were buxom, bonkers women, and the maniacal mastermind in Grace is a similarly crazy yet comely female.

    Both films are a little skeezy but stop short of being outright disgusting.

    Most importantly, they are both loads of fun.

    The young Sakuljaroensuk obviously relishes playing a psycho and brings a lot of smarts and sass to the role.

    In flashbacks, we see how she transformed into a baddie and the character becomes more sympathetic.

    You may find Grace a bit mystifying in the early stages. But by the end, the story is crystal clear.

    Though the budget appears quite limited, this is a nicely put together little thriller.

    Largely set in the world of anime nerds and cosplayers, it has a bright poppy look that sets it apart from most thrillers.