Look fresh with just 2 minutes of effort

MAKE-UP HACK: With just a judicious clean white flick, this simple eyeliner trick helps model Sherena appear bright-eyed


    Feb 17, 2015

    Look fresh with just 2 minutes of effort

    WHEN it comes to concealing circles and fending off fatigue, white liner is seriously the best thing since sliced bread. And hey, we know how much you ladies love eyeliner, right?

    Want to give white eyeliner a test-drive in anticipation of upcoming office all-nighters? Try this fabulously fresh look conjured up by our make-up buddy Rina Sim, who has managed to maximise our model Sherena Ng's doe-eyed appeal with just a judicious clean white flick.

    The rest of the face was left as it is, with a pat of undereye concealer, light lashings of mascara, a nude lip tint and a dab of illuminating highlighter, giving Sherena's face some added dimension. Otherwise, there was nary a hint of colour or extraneous embellishment.

    The overall effect is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, won't you say. And the best part? All told, faking eight hours of sleep should take you no more than two minutes, tops. Timers, at the ready? Go!

    STEP 1.

    Start with a wash of matte taupe shadow across your entire socket. Next, select the best creamy pencil in your beauty arsenal. A quick note about colour selection: An off-white eggshell hue works better than a blinding white shade, as the pureness of the latter can ironically draw attention to the redness of the whites of your eyes.

    Got your pencil in hand? Draw a thick line from the base of your upper lash line, ending midway up your crease. Let the line taper off at the outer edge of your eyelashes. The "blinking" effect of the pop of white as you open and close your eyes is very fetching.

    STEP 2.

    Use an angled sponge to lightly smudge the triangular corners next to your tear ducts - the white eyeliner does double duty as an inner eye highlighter. Because this look is about clean, almost architectural lines, leave the rest of the line on the outer corners sharply defined.

    STEP 3.

    White eyeliner is inextricably tied with the cool chicks of the Mod era, so we thought it would be fun to update the look for our decade. Follow the steps above, then flick the line up and out to create a subtle right-angled wing. (Position a business card at the desired angle at the outer corner as a guide if you need help steadying your stroke.)

    Finish with one or two coats of mascara to allude to the overblown falsies of the 1960s, but do not go overboard with the wand - you want the white wing to do all the talking.

    And you are done! Eight hours of sleep with minimal elbow grease.