Dec 17, 2014

    Look fresh after a long flight

    THE complexion faces many stresses during a flight.

    Recirculated, dehumidified air that is dry, combined with the stress of travel - from mental stress, low-nutrient in-flight food, immobility and body clock disruption due to changing time zones - take a toll on the skin. This is especially so for those who travel a lot, like flight attendants and business travellers. Common skin issues are dehydration, acne flare-ups or eczema.

    Here are some tips on how to look good and fresh while travelling:


    Apply a rich moisturiser the night before your flight. This will help to increase skin hydration before it is exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.

    Take a moisturiser on board. Misting the face with mineral water helps to refresh it. Applying moisturiser on a damp face is even better. Mist your face and apply moisturiser every few hours while awake, and at the beginning and end of the flight.

    Don't forget to take along a good lip balm and apply frequently. If the lips get dry and cracked, use Vaseline.

    Eyes can look tired and puffy, so apply an eye serum that targets puffiness. You could also carry an eye mask and use it under your eye shades while sleeping.


    Drink lots of water and avoid coffee, tea and alcohol, which dehydrate you.


    Avoid peanuts and potato chips, which are laden with salt and can cause fluid retention, leading to puffiness. Instead, take fruit and raw veggie snacks like carrot sticks on board. These are filled with water and antioxidants.


    Forgo foundation. Your skin needs to breathe. Just stick to moisturiser, and loose mineral powder if you need to have colour on your skin.


    Use blotting or rice paper, and dab oily areas as often as necessary. This will remove the shine without stripping skin of its moisture, and you will arrive looking fresh.