Jun 24, 2014

    The little cat with a huge fan base


    IF GRUMPY Cat gets you down, then Lil Bub may just lift your spirits.

    Born in 2011, Lil Bub is a cat owned by musician Mike Bridavsky.

    Her unusual yet adorable appearance - bulging eyes and tongue sticking out - is the result of a genetic mutation. Her tiny size is due to her being a dwarf.

    Despite all that, Lil Bub surpassed doctors' expectations and has thrived under Bridavsky's care. Her affable owner has even been sharing recordings of her antics on YouTube, garnering lots of views.

    Today, Lil Bub has over 100,000 followers on her YouTube page, with about 19 million views overall of her videos. After winning the hearts of the Internet community worldwide, she is now ready for her television close-up.

    We find out more from Bridavsky, 34, about Lil Bub's upcoming TV show on Animal Planet, Lil Bub's Special Special.

    What is Lil Bub up to right now?

    Oh, she's sitting right here with me, cleaning her paws.

    What can we look forward to on Lil Bub's Special Special?

    (My friend) Mark (Pallman) and I had fun coming up with ideas for a show. We decided it would be funny if Bub had a slumber party where she gets into all kinds of antics with different personalities.

    Not all cats are very affectionate, it seems. But I saw a video of Lil Bub walking up to sit with you. Were you surprised when she did that for the first time?

    Lil Bub is different because I had to care for her more like a baby and she needed the extra help. When she couldn't walk, I had to take her everywhere and make her feel safe. I think she thinks of me as her mother.

    Previously, you said that you didn't think she'd live long due to her physical setback. How do you feel about her progress now?

    It's hard to think about how bad it was. I thought I had to put her down because she couldn't walk independently and was obviously in so much pain.

    But seeing her run and jump is an absolute miracle. I mean, even my veterinarian doesn't believe that it's happening!

    Now, she's running around and playing every day. I think it's probably the best thing that has happened to anyone I love.

    What do you hope viewers will take away from Lil Bub's Special Special?

    I'll be honest, it's a really funny-weird show. I hope they just have a good time watching it, don't take it too seriously, and that they just realise how truly amazing Bub is.