LG reveals TV panel under 1mm thick

STICK 'EM UP: LG Display's upcoming 55-inch Oled panel is just 0.97mm thick and weighs 1.9kg. It can be stuck to a wall with the help of a magnetic mat.


    May 22, 2015

    LG reveals TV panel under 1mm thick

    LG DISPLAY has unveiled a 55-inch Oled television panel that is thin enough to be stuck to a wall with the help of a magnetic mat.

    Just 0.97mm thick and weighing 1.9kg, the display can be removed from the wall by simply peeling the screen off the mat.

    For a quick comparison, LG's current 55-inch Oled panel is 4.3mm thick.

    Said Yeo Sang Deog, the head of LG Display's Oled division: "It has taken 11/2 years for us to raise the yield to this level (for Oleds), while it'd taken nearly 10 years to achieve the yield for LCDs."

    The display looks set to be available in the fourth quarter of this year or early next year. Mr Yeo said: "We should be able to supply a satisfactory volume to our clients from July or August, which means we're hoping to buckle down production as well as promotion from the third quarter."

    He also said that LG Display will keep its focus on large screens, with a plan to introduce an Oled panel as big as 99 inches by this year. The company released 55-inch, 66-inch and 77-inch Oled models earlier in the year.