LG G3 offers sharp screen, Content Lock

GREAT CLARITY: The LG G3 boasts an ultra-sharp 5.5-inch screen. Its rear panel is 80 per cent plastic and 20 per cent metal, which makes it light but sturdy. PHOTO: LG


    Jun 06, 2014

    LG G3 offers sharp screen, Content Lock

    THE LG G3 is this year's flagship Android phone from the South Korean tech giant LG. Here is a look at some of its features.


    The G3 is powered by a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The 16GB model comes with 2GB of RAM, while the 32GB unit comes with 3GB of RAM. Each model has a microSD card slot that can boost the memory by up to 128GB.


    The G3 boasts an ultra-sharp 5.5-inch Quad High Definition IPS screen with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, which translates to about 538 pixels per inch (ppi). It will be one of the sharpest mobile phone screens in the market, besting the 432ppi of Samsung's Galaxy S5 and the 326ppi of the Apple iPhone 5s.


    A sharper display drains a phone's battery more quickly. To counter this, LG has fitted the G3 with a removable 3,000mAh battery and invested in battery optimisation technologies.

    Built-in wireless charging using the Qi wireless charging standard, on the rear cover, makes it easier to do this chore. The extra charging plate needed for this costs $68 and comes free for those who pre-order the phone.


    People prone to losing their phones will find the Kill Switch useful. This lets phone owners disable their phones remotely and wipe content from the device.

    There is also a Content Lock option that keeps files hidden in a folder, secure from prying eyes.


    LG has kept its 13MP camera lens for the G3, but improved the camera module with Laser Auto Focus. Using a laser to measure the distance between the lens and the object speeds up autofocusing.

    Instead of tapping the screen once to focus, and a second time to snap the photo, it just takes one tap to trigger the focus, followed by the camera shutter.

    This default feature works with the phone's Magic Focus, which keeps all objects in the frame in sharp focus for editing afterwards.

    The camera can shoot video in 4K, or ultra-high-definition resolution.

    LG has also upgraded the front-facing 2.1MP camera with a bigger image sensor and larger aperture. Gesture controls have been added. To take a shot remotely, clench a fist in the frame to start a 3sec countdown.


    Early leaked pictures of the G3 showed a metallic sheen on the rear panel, leading many to presume that it had a metal rear panel. The final product uses a rear panel that is 80 per cent plastic and 20 per cent metal, which makes for a light but sturdy build.

    $868 (16GB), $928 (32GB); available from June 28. LG will accept pre-orders from June 14 to 21. The pre-order package includes a Quick Circle case ($98) and wireless charger ($68).