Learn to take great food photos - and more

AWARD-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER: Mr Lee's passion for photography and dedication to the craft has garnered him numerous awards. The former photographer with Lianhe Zaobao beat 200 top photojournalists from 32 countries to clinch the top award at the World Photojournalists Meet in 2003.


    Aug 12, 2014

    Learn to take great food photos - and more

    SINGAPORE is a nation of foodies. We also have a very tech-savvy population.

    Combine the two and, hey presto, food blogs and food photography have taken off.

    But when it comes to food, the quality of a picture is all the more critical. A badly taken photograph can make food appear unappetising and distasteful, said professional photographer Bob Lee.

    "People look at the photos taken by food bloggers and when they compare them with their own, they wonder why their shots aren't as nice," said the 38-year-old. "They don't realise that food bloggers put a lot of time and effort into taking the perfect shot."

    He said lighting is important: "At cosy cafes, yellow light is mostly used but this may make the food appear yellowish and dull."

    To get a better grasp of food photography, join Mr Lee, the founder of creative house The Fat Farmer, at the My Paper Metropolitan Workshop on Aug 24 at the Singapore Turf Club, where he will impart tips on the techniques of food and coffee art photography.

    He will speak about learning to adjust a camera's settings to suit the lighting in a restaurant or cafe, so that the camera correctly captures the colours in the scene.

    For those interested in capturing the beauty of coffee art, Mr Lee will teach participants how to make use of the macro setting to get a sharp close-up of a barista's work of art.

    Besides food, he will share pointers on how to capture shots of horses up close.

    To be held from 2pm to 5pm, the workshop costs $18, which includes a scrumptious high tea, goodie bag and entry to The Derby Room at the Singapore Turf Club.

    There will be four cash prizes of $100 each, for participants with the best photographs. Participants also stand to win a 1TB portable hard drive in a lucky draw.

    To register, visit