Learn how to take winning shots at the racecourse

PHOTO FINISH: To capture great pictures of galloping racehorses, you need a fast shutter speed, says photographer Lee, who will be conducting the My Paper Metropolitan workshop on Aug 24. PHOTO: SINGAPORE TURF CLUB


    Aug 08, 2014

    Learn how to take winning shots at the racecourse

    PHOTOGRAPHING racehorses bolting down the turf is no walk in the park; to do so requires one to be quick on the shutter and to have good compositional skills.

    The aim is to "freeze the action", while making sure the picture is well-framed from where one is positioned, says professional photographer Bob Lee, 38.

    The track-side experience he gained during his stint as a newspaper photojournalist is also applicable to photographing other fast-moving subjects.

    "Let's say we want to take pictures of kids. Understanding how the camera's shutter speed works can help in capturing children jumping and running, too," he said.

    Mr Lee, who founded creative house The Fat Farmer, will be conducting the My Paper Metropolitan workshop at the Singapore Turf Club on Aug 24, where he will impart the finer points of photography to participants.

    He said: "The length of time a camera's shutter is open determines the amount of light that reaches the sensor. For horses, we need a fast shutter speed. If not, the image will be blurry."

    Besides capturing the horses in action, workshop participants will also get to photograph the equine beauties up close.

    For this segment, Mr Lee said he will teach participants how to accentuate details, such as the reflection in a horse's eye, through the use of natural lighting and compositional techniques.

    "When you pick up these photography skills, you can apply them in a variety of situations...not just on horses," said Mr Lee, who will also teach participants food and coffee art photography.

    The My Paper Metropolitan workshop will be held on Aug 24, from 2pm to 5pm, at the Singapore Turf Club. The workshop fee is $18. Attendees can enjoy a scrumptious high tea, and will get a goodie bag and entry to the turf club's Derby Room.

    Four cash prizes of $100 each will be given to participants with the best photographs. Participants can also stand to win a 1TB portable hard drive in a lucky draw.

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