Latecomer upstages other media players


    Apr 11, 2014

    Latecomer upstages other media players


    PIXEPLAY, a Singapore company, is a little late entering the media player game, but it seems to have learnt from the shortcomings of early birds such as AC Ryan and a host of other manufacturers.

    It has assimilated the best of the HD and Android media boxes in coming up with the Kuro Smart Player. The result is a box packed with features that were out of reach not so long ago.

    Kuro is an Android (4.2.2) player packed with a fairly powerful Huawei CPU and an Extreme 3D graphics chip. The result? A quick response time and a pretty sharp display with 3D features.

    Being an Android box, the Kuro does provide Wi-Fi N connectivity, and a remote is supplied as well.

    It plays just about any video codec around and offers 7.1 HD surround sound.

    Kuro can accommodate a 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive, and has RCA audio/video and HDMI outputs. There is an SD card slot, two USB 2.0 host ports and one USB 3.0 slave slot.

    I found the Kuro to be substantially superior to my older AC Ryan Veolo box - in terms of response, playability, options and controls. I only wish PixePlay would come out with a shrunken unit, sans the hard disk slot, or perhaps even an HDMI-powered dongle for use while travelling.

    If it could provide a media dongle and a large-capacity flash drive, the travelling portable movie machine would become a reality.

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