Ladies' Code to return with mini-album on Feb 24

THEY'RE BACK: The Korean girl group will remain a trio. There will be no replacements for RiSe and EunB.


    Feb 17, 2016

    Ladies' Code to return with mini-album on Feb 24

    KOREAN girl group Ladies' Code are poised to make their comeback with mini-album Mystery on Feb 24, according to their agency, Polaris Entertainment, yesterday.

    The group had been involved in a car accident on Sept 4, 2014, in which two of their members, RiSe and EunB, suffered fatal injuries.

    EunB died at the scene of the accident while RiSe died three days later from head injuries. Sojung was also badly injured but recovered.

    "The remaining three members have weathered hard times and braced for a comeback," the agency's spokesman said. "Now is the right time, we believe."

    Ladies' Code will remain a three-member group made up of Ashley, Sojung and Zuny, who survived the car crash. There will be no new recruits to take the places of RiSe and EunB.

    The quintet debuted in 2013 and were awarded New Artist of the Year at the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards in 2013.

    The group won the MBC Music Star Award at the MelOn Music Awards in Nov 2014.

    Their upcoming mini-album will mark the second release since their activities as a five-member group ended. A tribute to RiSe and EunB, I Will Smile Even If It Hurts, was released last September.