Feb 24, 2014

    Korea's ugly-pretty guys

    KIM SOO HYUN, 26

    Hot role:

    Do Min Joon, the ideal extraterrestrial boyfriend in My Love From The Star.

    He is not just sweet and smart, but also has superhuman strength and a posh duplex complete with a huge library.

    Although he is more than 400 years old, he looks young enough to be a toy boy.

    Other hits:

    Kim showed promise in his 2011 drama, Dream High, as a country bumpkin who wins the affections of a girl (Miss A singer Suzy) from an aspiring K-pop heart-throb (2PM's Taec Yeon).

    Despite his plainness, Kim had enough presence to persuade you that a girl would prefer him to Taec Yeon.

    In his 2012 hit show, The Moon Embracing The Sun, he was charismatic as a romantic young king.

    In addition, he has starred in films including last year's North-versus-South Korea tragicomedy Secretly, Greatly and the 2012 crime caper The Thieves.

    In real life:

    Kim himself might not make a good boyfriend. A list of what he wants in a girlfriend, which he posted on his website four years ago and which has resurfaced recently, reads: "You have to feel sad because of me. You have to feel like dying...

    "Whoever you see, you have to think of only me. And, more than anything, you should never suspect me."

    South Korean TV has been awash with beautiful "flower boys" since the success of the 2009 show Boys Over Flowers, starring Lee Min Ho. Kim Soo Hyun, who is not a conventional dreamboat like Lee, leads a new wave of ugly-pretty K-drama idols, including Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk.

    KIM WOO BIN, 24

    Hot role: Choi Young Do, the sexy school bully in last year's The Inheritors. He is the kind of guy who uses blackmail just to get a girl to have noodles with him.

    Other hits:

    Menace must be his middle name. In 2012, he played

    a troublemaker in two dramas, School 2013 and Gentleman's Dignity.

    In real life:

    Sorry, he is not available. Last year, he confirmed he had been dating model Yoo Ji Ahn for two years.

    LEE JONG SUK, 24

    Hot role: Park Soo Ha, the student who becomes a lawyer's live-in protector in last year's I Hear Your Voice. He has been sweet on her since he was a boy and she saved his life on the night his father was murdered.

    He has psychic powers, which come in useful when he is helping her with a case or courting her.

    Other hits:

    Lee's other memorable role was in the 2010 hit show Secret Garden. He held his own playing a sulky composer, against stars such as Hyun Bin.

    Lee was also in School 2013, playing a bad boy with Kim Woo Bin.

    In real life:

    Lee says he is single and looking for a woman he "can learn from".