King Chow grabs wefies, chicken rice

COOL GUY: Chow, here to plug Cold War 2 with co-stars Kwok and Peng, gave selfie and wefie tips to the press. The husband of Singaporean Jasmine said he was "back home" and that "everyone present is family".


    Jul 07, 2016

    King Chow grabs wefies, chicken rice

    HE IS the king of Hong Kong cinema and an international star.

    But Chow Yun Fat has just proven he is also a Selfie King.

    At the press conference of his latest movie, Cold War 2, at Marina Bay Sands' Sands Expo and Convention Centre on Tuesday, the 61-year-old veteran actor and self-professed shutterbug whipped out an iPhone, which belonged to a crew member, and proclaimed that he would go round taking wefies with everyone in the room - and that he could do it in a few minutes.

    And sure enough, he did, to the amazement of everyone present, including his equally dapper Cold War 2 co-stars Aaron Kwok, 50, and Eddie Peng, 34, who were also in town to promote the film.

    He even told the media he would "airdrop the photos" to all of them.

    He also gave tips on how to take the best selfies and wefies.

    Chow said he is tall - 1.83m - and has long arms, which works to his advantage.

    Among his tips: That having the camera farther away will ensure your face won't be "bao bao" (puffy in Mandarin).

    And try and stand in the centre of a group as it is the "most slimming position", he said.

    He then demonstrated this on stage by taking a wefie with Hong Kong singer-actor Kwok and Taiwanese heart-throb Peng, both of whom said they were not wefie experts.

    When asked in a separate interview if he would follow in Chow's footsteps and be so open and sociable with fans, Peng said he has "a long way to go" before even becoming that popular.

    "I do take wefies when my fans approach me. But sometimes they approach me at the strangest moments," he said, citing some unpleasant toilet encounters.

    Kwok, however, admitted he never got into taking such photographs because of his busy work schedule.

    Besides promoting Cold War 2 which opens here tomorrow, Kwok is preparing for his concert tours.

    Chow, who has been married to Singaporean wife Jasmine since 1987, is not hailed as Singapore's favourite son-in-law for nothing.

    He explained his impromptu actions at the press conference to being "back home" and that "everyone present is family".

    He added that he would be heading to Maxwell Food Centre after the event for chicken rice, something Kwok cannot afford to enjoy, Chow joked, referring to how Kwok has to watch his figure.

    "Meet me at MacRitchie (Reservoir) tomorrow morning at 7.30, then you can eat!" Chow added, laughing.