Kesha sues producer for 'abuse'

'LIFE-THREATENING' SITUATION: Famous for hits such as TiK ToK, Kesha has alleged that Dr Luke forced her to take drugs and drink alcohol so that he could abuse her sexually.


    Oct 16, 2014

    Kesha sues producer for 'abuse'


    AMERICAN pop star Kesha is suing her producer Dr Luke for allegedly abusing her sexually and emotionally for years, while threatening to harm her career.

    Famous for hits such as TiK ToK and We R Who We R, Kesha Sebert, 27 - who signed with Dr Luke's Kemosabe label at 18 - charged that the producer, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, forced her to take drugs and drink alcohol so that he could abuse her sexually when she was under the influence, court documents showed.

    The Die Young singer also said that she remembered waking up naked after Gottwald, 41, forced her to take some pills, but that she could not remember how she got where she awoke.

    She also alleged that his berating of her as being overweight caused her to suffer from the eating disorder bulimia. She received over two months of treatment for the condition, which she completed in March.

    Kesha further alleged that her producer alienated her from her family when she moved to Los Angeles and threatened to destroy her career if she reported these incidents.

    Her lawsuit also named Dr Luke's companies as defendants. It demanded unspecified damages and to void Kesha's contracts with Dr Luke.

    The lawsuit said physicians at the rehab clinic had determined that Kesha's continuing to work with Dr Luke would be "life-threatening".

    The 41-year-old producer behind hits for singers such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus responded with his own lawsuit in the New York state Supreme Court in Manhattan, accusing Kesha and her mother, Pebe Sebert, of defamation, breach of contract and contractual interference.

    The lawsuit accused Kesha and her mother of orchestrating a campaign to publish "false and shocking accusations" against Dr Luke to extort him into letting the singer out of her contract.

    "Kesha's lawsuit is nothing more than a continuation of her bad and offensive acts," his attorney, Christine Lepera, said in a statement.

    Kesha's attorney, Mark Geragos, said she is rejecting the producer's counter-suit.

    "This is just another pathetic and entirely predictable example of Dr Luke's continued abuse, and a misguided attempt to keep Kesha under his tyrannical control," he argued.

    "This lawsuit has absolutely no basis in fact, the law or reality.

    "Kesha is focused on reclaiming her voice and her freedom. She is determined to move on with her life and her career by putting this dark period behind her."