Kardashian robbed of $14m worth of jewels

NOT HARMED: Police stand guard outside the luxury residence where Kardashian was robbed, while journalists milled around. The star was "physically unharmed".


    Oct 04, 2016

    Kardashian robbed of $14m worth of jewels


    AMERICAN reality television star Kim Kardashian has lost millions worth of items, mostly in jewellery, after being held at gunpoint by men dressed as police at a luxury residence in Paris.

    "The haul amounts to several million euros, most of which is jewellery.

    "We're still trying to establish the exact amount stolen," Paris police said yesterday.

    Sources quoted by news outlets said the robbers made off with jewels worth at least nine million euros (S$14 million).

    The Associated Press, citing a police official, reported that the men, who are still at large, stole a jewellery box with valuables worth six million euros and a ring worth four million euros, plus mobile phones.

    Her spokesman in the United States said Kardashian was held at gunpoint by assailants disguised as police.

    "She is badly shaken but physically unharmed," her spokesman added, shortly after Kardashian's husband, rapper Kanye West, abruptly ended a festival appearance in New York upon hearing the news, citing a "family emergency".

    Five men were involved, and the robbery occurred at around 3am on Monday, according to a police source.

    But no one was hurt, the source added.

    French media reported that the men, who had masks and were wearing fake police vests, threatened the concierge at the building in Rue Tronchet.

    The robbers handcuffed the concierge before ordering him to show them where Kardashian was staying.

    After forcing their way into the apartment, they tied her up and locked her in a bathroom.

    The robbers escaped on bicycles, said police.

    Kardashian, who has two children with West, left Paris yesterday after she had been questioned by the police, according to a judicial source.

    The discreet residence, behind the Madeleine church and near the city's main department stores, is often used by celebrities and the wealthy.

    Police were guarding the site yesterday.

    A gaggle of journalists and Kardashian fans also gathered outside the chic residence.

    The 35-year-old has been appearing prominently at the Paris fashion week where she headed on Sunday to a Balenciaga show.

    West learnt about the incident as he headlined the new festival The Meadows in New York.

    An hour into his set, he said mid-song, "I'm sorry, show's over", and quickly left.

    A festival representative declared a 10-minute intermission before returning to say that West had a "family emergency" and had left the venue.

    The festival later issued a statement praising West for a "great show".

    It said: "Our thoughts are with West and his family."