Kampung boy meets city girl in awkward romance

HUNGRY FOR LOVE: Kheong (Zhang) and Wei (Wee) trade longing glances.


    Sep 08, 2016

    Kampung boy meets city girl in awkward romance


    Drama / 92 minutes / Opens today

    Rating: 2.5/5

    THE nostalgia kick that began last year with the SG50 movies carries on in My Love Sinema, a rose-tinted look at love and life in 1950s Singapore.

    Kheong (Tosh Zhang) is a kampung kid. Wei (Cheryl Wee) is a posh city girl who happens to be a leftist radical - a trust-fund Trotskyite, if you will.

    They clap eyes on each other at what can only be described as a love-at-first-upskirt encounter, in one of several awkward missteps the story makes.

    Wei is a radical fighting her family, who want her wed to a rich man, and the evil colonial government.

    She is not quite the firebrand Marxist that Katie (Barbra Streisand) is in The Way We Were (1973) but her political passions nonetheless intimidate the awestruck Kheong.

    The effort taken with production design is apparent.

    The Ipoh locations provide plenty of period colour, making up for the contrived nature of the wooing, marked by lots of PG-rated cuteness until, all of a sudden, stares intensify and corsets are ripped.

    If only they had stayed in the 1950s.

    In a third-act blunder, the movie lurches forward in time to a mind-numbingly hysterical set of events in the present day, filled with silly coincidences and overstuffed bits in which as many actors as possible say as many lines as possible.