Mar 29, 2016

    K-pop prostitution scandal: Music producer denies broker rumours

    K-POP music producer Shinsadong Tiger has protested rumours alleging he has been brokering prostitution deals between female celebrities and male clients.

    "I have never been investigated regarding the recently circulating rumours and have never even been contacted by prosecutors or police," said Shinsadong Tiger, whose real name is Lee Ho Yang, in a post on his Instagram account on Sunday.

    Shinsandong Tiger is known for writing hook-heavy hits like T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep and APink's NoNoNo. He is also the head of label AB Entertainment, which houses girl group EXID.

    Rumours concerning Shinsadong Tiger follow a list that has been making the rounds for the past month via social media, calling out 10 female celebrities, including K-pop singers and actresses, as being involved in prostitution.

    Many on the list, including Yubin of girl group Wonder Girls, have angrily protested the rumours and declared plans for legal action.

    In the post, Shinsadong Tiger said rumours regarding his role as broker had previously circulated in 2013. But he had stayed quiet thinking that they would "be forgotten soon".

    "I had endured (the rumours) on my own... wondering whether anything would become different if I requested an official investigation... and thinking that even people who had not previously known it would come to hear (the rumours) if I made them known to the press," Shin wrote on the post.

    "But I am writing now because I do not want be the target of any more misunderstanding."

    The music producer added that his family and acquaintances are suffering due to the rumours and implored the public to "please stop".