K-pop group gives fans an EXO-tic time

CROWD PLEASERS: The boys from EXO got the full-house 8,000-strong crowd going with their catchy pop songs and impressive synchronised dance moves.
K-pop group gives fans an EXO-tic time

EXCITED FANS: Despite their group having a controversy-ridden year, the EXO fans here were out in full force in support of their favourite K-pop boy band.


    Aug 25, 2014

    K-pop group gives fans an EXO-tic time

    THEY may have had a controversy-ridden year, but popular K-pop boy band EXO did not let that affect their performance during EXO Planet #1, their first solo concert here.

    Kicking off their over two-hour energetic gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7.30pm on Saturday, the 11-member group drew deafening screams and cheers from the full-house 8,000-strong crowd.

    The opening, with award-winning track Mama, was an instant crowd pleaser, complete with catchy hooks and impressive synchronised dance moves.

    Even though the members do not speak English well, they teased their mostly teenage female fans with broken English, telling them: "You are so beautiful and wonderful", and "I don't want to leave you".

    The fans lapped it all up, screaming and waving their silver light sticks and singing along to every word.

    In May, one of their most popular members, Kris, leader of EXO-M, left the boy band abruptly. EXO comprises two sub groups, EXO-M which sing in Mandarin, and EXO-K, in Korean.

    Shortly after that, there was more controversy when it was revealed that EXO-K member Baekhyun was dating Girls' Generation member Taeyeon, who is also from SM Entertainment.

    But the fans did not let all that affect them.

    Undergraduate Nicole Lu, 21, who thoroughly enjoyed the concert, said: "Initially I was devastated by the news of Kris leaving.

    "However, the remaining 11 members have worked very hard in the past few months and I want to be here to give them my support tonight."

    Thai fan Napatsom, 16, who studies here, said: "I am not affected by it. I still trust EXO and believe that the members will continue to do well for the fans."

    The boy band saved the best for last, rewarding their loyal fans with their chart-topping hits Growl and Wolf during the encore.

    They capped their concert by having Kai and Baekhyun join the current craze of performing the ice bucket challenge - to the crowd's delighted shrieks.

    K-pop fan Celine Lim, 17, said: "I really enjoyed the concert. The boys are all so talented and cute."

    The student added: "All of us can tell that they put in so much effort into today's concert. I am so happy."

    Another fan, undergraduate Chen Shiyun, 19, added: "They can sing and dance so well, and are so funny when they fool around on stage.

    "This is definitely the best concert I have attended this year."