K-pop giant unveils new girl group

ROOKIE GROUP: Red Velvet is SM Entertainment's first new group after EXO, and its first new girl group after f(x).


    Jul 30, 2014

    K-pop giant unveils new girl group


    SM ENTERTAINMENT, home to a number of high-profile K-pop acts including EXO, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, f(x) and SHINee, has added a new group for the first time in two years.

    The agency officially revealed its latest girl group, Red Velvet, with a teaser clip and an announcement on its website on Monday.

    Red Velvet has four members: Seulgi, Irene and Wendy - all SM trainees previously revealed to the public as part of the pre-debut team SM Rookies - and new member Joy, who has also trained under the SM system.

    "The group's name, Red Velvet, brings together red, a fiery and seductive colour, and velvet, which evokes feminine and soft images. As its name suggests, Red Velvet seeks to impress the world with its unique colours as well as polished music and performances," said SM Entertainment.

    Red Velvet will release its debut single, Happiness, online on various music websites on Aug 4.