Jan 21, 2014

    John Legend serenades Mrs Obama


    UNITED States First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday bash featured performances by pop stars Beyonce and John Legend, according to one prominent guest on Sunday.

    "Amazing. Incredible party," said political analyst Donna Brazile, speaking to CNN the morning after about the hush-hush festivities, about which few details were made known in advance.

    "Childhood friends there. People from the administration," she said about the fete at the White House.

    "The most important thing is Beyonce performed, and I have to tell you, John Legend sang 'Happy Birthday'," said Ms Brazile.

    "The most moving tribute came (from President) Barack Obama, who talked about the woman he met and fell in love with," she said of Saturday's gala celebration.

    CNN reported that the party lasted until at least 2am, and was attended by actor Samuel L. Jackson, singer Smokey Robinson and basketball legend Magic Johnson.

    Mrs Obama turned 50 on Friday to great national fanfare, including magazine interviews and television profiles of her life and her role in history as the US' first African-American First Lady.