Jul 12, 2016

    Job security not a big worry for many

    MILLENNIALS are generally upbeat about their careers.

    Two-thirds are optimistic about their immediate job prospects. Sixty-two per cent are confident that if they lose their main source of income tomorrow, they will be able to find equally good or better work within three months.

    Overall, millennials in Mexico, China, Switzerland and Germany are the most positive while those in Japan, Greece and Italy are the least positive.

    The findings are from a new study by global talent experts, ManpowerGroup, titled Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision.

    Today, faster-changing business cycles dictate that they hop to the business beat right away and they eschew the one-job-for-life ethos.

    To them, job security means having relevant skills and capabilities and being given enough challenges and opportunities to grow and remain current.

    When choosing where and how they work, money,

    security and time off are key.

    They want to be rewarded for their effort, feel secure in their job and still be able to stop

    and refuel once in a while.