Jay Chou's daughter reveals face to the world

MUM LOOKALIKE: The photo of sleeping baby Hathaway, the daughter of Chou and his model wife Quinlivan, was shared on Weibo on New Year's Day.


    Jan 04, 2016

    Jay Chou's daughter reveals face to the world

    TAIWANESE-AUSTRALIAN model Hannah Quinlivan has unveiled the full face of her daughter, Hathaway Chou, on social media, about six months after she was born.

    Earlier photos of the firstborn daughter of Mandopop star Jay Chou, nicknamed little Chou Chou, showed only her back or half her face.

    The photo of the sleeping baby, shared on Weibo on Friday, had close to 410,000 likes and was shared almost 47,000 times by fans.

    Quinlivan wrote in Mandarin: "2015 was a fulfilling year. Thank you for everyone's concern and companionship. Hope that everyone will be safe, blessed and happy in 2016."

    Many netizens gushed that Hathaway, who was born on July 10 last year, is beautiful and has inherited her model mum's looks.

    In October last year, Quinlivan shared a photo showing only half of Hathaway's face when the baby was 100 days old.

    That teaser received a lot of attention online in China and Taiwan.

    Chou, 36, and Quinlivan, 22, registered their marriage in November 2014 and held their three multi-continent wedding celebrations between Jan 17 and March 9 last year in Taiwan, Britain and Australia.

    Chou was listed by Forbes as the second-highest earning China celebrity last year, bringing in 101.5 million yuan (S$22 million) in revenue.