Jay Chou writes song for his daughter

YOUNG TALENT: Jay Chou's daughter, Hathaway, appears at the end of the video of his new song playing a toy organ.


    May 31, 2016

    Jay Chou writes song for his daughter


    POP king Jay Chou's daughter is seen in a video of a song he wrote for the 10-month-old.

    Hathaway, his child with model Hannah Quinlivan, appears playing on a toy organ at the end of the video.

    Released past midnight yesterday on Chou's Facebook account, it had received more than 1.8 million views hours later.

    The new song, Lover From The Past, begins with the text: "There is a girl, her name is Hathaway/ When she was four months old, she played a melody/ I am so proud of her/ She is... my daughter."

    Last November, Quinlivan, 22, had posted on her Weibo a clip of Hathaway toying with the organ.

    Chou, who releases a new album next month, is said to have developed the new song, using the few notes the tot tinkled on the toy. He even gives her a co-composer credit for the song.

    Silhouettes tracing her growth to adulthood accompany the song which ends with Chou, 37, singing of giving her away at her wedding in a church: "Seeing you both happy from afar/ Just like how we looked in our past lives."

    Minutes earlier, on his Mr J Weibo, he posted a photo of the family by the sea and urged fans to hasten home to hear the new song.

    Little Hathaway is seen with her thumb up. "Is Hathaway secretly 'liking' the song?," Chou teased.