May 19, 2016

    Japanese woman has raised over $6k to back bid to find a husband


    TOMOKO Takebe, a young Japanese woman, has hit on Internet crowdfunding as a way to find herself an "interesting" man for a husband, as the practice involves not just donation but also tracking by donors to see that the stated goal is accomplished, such as in funding an invention or a litigation, Japanese media reported.

    "I've had a complex since my teens about my 1.78m height and have lost confidence after a few relationships," the 26-year-old, who initiated the "project" on the crowdfunding Campfire website last month, told Nikkan Spa magazine.

    "As this project is not your usual Japanese way to find a spouse, I might actually get to meet a unique person," added the freelance writer from Ka-nagawa Prefecture, just south of Tokyo.

    Ms Takebe has raised over 500,000 yen (S$6,300) from 72 backers in her 17-day fund-raising period, more than twice her initial target, reported the Japan Times.

    The backers are divided into two groups - the men who also want to meet her romantically and the well-wishers who want to see the "project" end in matrimony.

    Ms Takebe has set a limit of 11 prospective partners, whom she will meet starting June 25.