Jul 18, 2016

    Japanese men alerted to foreskin surgery screw-ups


    A CONSUMER group is warning Japanese men to exercise extreme caution before undergoing foreskin surgery after a spate of mishaps.

    The National Consumer Affairs Centre (NCAC) revealed customer service and other bodies got over 1,000 complaints between fiscal 2011 and 2015.

    They were spurred by complications caused by men opting to treat phimosis - a narrowing of the foreskin's opening that prevents it from being fully retracted - with a quick snip.

    A large proportion of the 1,092 complaints came from patients in their teens to 30s, said the NCAC.

    Among those left hopping mad were men who answered advertisements offering phimosis surgery for between US$500 (S$674) and US$1,000, only to be told by clinics that "cheap surgery could cause a shabby appearance" to the penis.

    Subsequently, many of those establishments recommended procedures costing over US$10,000.