Mar 31, 2016

    Jackman reunited with 'delicious' S'pore treat

    WHENEVER Hugh Jackman talks about Singapore, he cannot help raving about kaya toast, the sweet coconut jam treat which he fell in love with during a press trip here two years ago to promote the movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

    He had visited a Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet and tweeted about the "awesome Singapore-style" breakfast he had.

    At an interview in Seoul to promote his new movie, Eddie The Eagle, his face lights up immediately and he offers profuse thanks when The Straits Times gives him a jar of kaya.

    Next to him, a bewildered Dexter Fletcher, his Eddie The Eagle director, blurts out: "What is that?"

    Instantly, the actor gushes: "It's this jam spread that you can eat in Singapore with toast and a very, very thick slab of butter.

    "It's just delicious."

    Given that he has to get back soon into his famously gruelling training regimen for his final role as superhero Wolverine, this reporter asks if he will allow himself the sugar-laden treat.

    He says with a grin: "Don't worry. Even Wolverine has cheat days."