It's a dog's life no more

INSEPARABLE: Although they no longer beg on the streets of London, Dolan and George are still on the streets as the artist prefers to draw his sketches of his best friend outdoors.
It's a dog's life no more

PRICELESS GIFT: A homeless woman bought George for the price of a can of beer and gave the puppy to Dolan.


    Jul 23, 2014

    It's a dog's life no more


    A FORMER homeless man's sketches of his dog George, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier he credits with changing his life, are commanding rising prices in a London gallery and have earned him a show in Los Angeles.

    John Dolan, 43, used to sell his sketches for pocket change, but now gets £3,000 (S$6,400) to £4,000 for them. He said he had descended into a life of poverty, drugs, crime and homelessness until a homeless woman got George, then a puppy, in exchange for the price of a can of beer and gave the dog to him.

    He started drawing the dog and the scenes around him while begging on the street, and soon passers-by were buying his sketches, he said. "The drawings that I do of him are quite simple, but I've done one that's been in most of the papers, it's the very detailed one, it's quite a big drawing," Dolan said, while sitting at his favourite spot in East London.

    He can now afford his own lodgings but still prefers to draw outdoors. "I've captured him magnificently in that, but these little ones that I do, I basically try and capture his personality in all of them if I can," he said.

    His success comes, in part, from a chance meeting with Richard Howard-Griffin, who runs street art tours in East London. He owns a gallery there and mounted the first show of Dolan's work.

    That was a hit, so now there is a second John And George.

    "John's rise has been really meteoric in the art world, it's like watching an artist's career in fast-forward - that's what a lot of artists say... his first show was a sell-out, he's got a second show now coming out, which is really, really amazing," Mr Howard-Griffin said.

    "He's got a book and he's doing a show in Los Angeles, so there's a real relevance to his work and there's a real soul in it, because it has a true story behind it which is very inspiring."

    After spending three years on the streets churning out sketch after sketch of George, Dolan is branching out with the show in Los Angeles, and plans to make a book of drawings of rock stars with their dogs with a dog shelter.

    But he will never stray far from his four-legged friend, about whom he has also written a book, John And George: The Dog Who Changed my Life.

    "He was quite an aggressive dog and he would growl at you, and he was a cat chaser and he was weary of people.

    "When I started training him, within a month, his personality began to change," Dolan said. "He became a really pleasant dog."