Hungry for good Korean grub here? Get this guide

SEOUL DELICIOUS: Go for bibimbap, or rice topped with sauteed beef and colourful vegetables, in a sizzling hot stone pot.


    May 09, 2016

    Hungry for good Korean grub here? Get this guide

    WHERE in Singapore can you find bibimbap, bulgogi or tteokbokki recommended by Korean food experts?

    A guide to Korean restaurants here - released by South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Food Foundation - has the answers.

    The book will be distributed to embassies, tourist information centres and Korean language institutes but is also available as an e-book and a mobile app.

    Local and Korean food critics have handpicked 20 restaurants - including Bornga, Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant and Wang Dae Bak - from about 150 Korean eateries here.

    They were deemed to be ahead of the others in terms of food quality, service, hygiene and interior design.

    Contributors to the guidebook - which can be downloaded for free on with an account sign-up - include local food blogger Miss Tam Chiak, or Maureen Ow, and chef Benny Se Teo.

    It is also available as a free app, "KoreanRest.Guide - HK, SG" on Google Play and "Korean Restaurant Guide - Hong Kong, Singapore" on the Apple Store.

    Group marketing manager at 8 Korean BBQ, Ang Weiman, said the staff were "pretty surprised" about being on the list as they were "not aware at all" that they had been visited by the food reviewers.

    Users of the digital guide will be able to find food reviews of the 20 restaurants, as well as details on where they are located, their opening hours and menu suggestions, complete with photos.

    The app also groups the restaurants according to their suitability - for families, business meals, friends or dates.

    The app has a list of what it says are the top 50 Korean dishes here and in Hong Kong.

    Top picks include dolsot bibimbap, rice topped with sauteed beef and colourful vegetables served in a sizzling hot stone pot.

    Some places to try these dishes, as suggested by the app, are Your Woul at 165 Thomson Road Goldhill Centre, Togi at 11 Mosque Street and Han Kook Gwan at 26 Tanjong Pagar Road.

    For kimchi jjigae - a spicy stew made with sour kimchi, fatty pork, shellfish, tofu and green onion - the guide recommends Hanwoori at 76 Serangoon Garden Way, Ju Shin Jung at 27 West Coast Highway and 8 Korean BBQ at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

    A spokesman for the Korean Food Foundation said Korean food is in the spotlight for being healthy.

    Fermented food, which is common in Korean cuisine, is also trending globally.

    She noted that Singaporeans are more aware of Korean culture and food partly due to the influence of the Korean Wave, which includes Kpop and Korean drama serials.

    "The interest (in) Korean food... is growing internationally," said the spokesman.