How Queen B built her empire

BEAUTY AND BRAINS: Beyonce - seen here performing at the Grammy Awards on Feb 8 - is a highly influential person who does more than entertain the masses. She inspires women to be successful while embracing their femininity.


    Mar 17, 2015

    How Queen B built her empire

    BEYONCE Giselle Knowles is one of the music industry's brightest stars with arguably the biggest voice of this generation.

    Not only is she a triple threat - with her music, movie roles and fashion line - but she is also a smart businesswoman and record producer. It's no wonder millions of people around the world are inspired by her tenacity.

    What is it about Beyonce that makes her such a powerful, successful woman? Surely, these are attributes we could all learn regardless of our gender.


    Although Beyonce is a powerful solo artist, she could not have got to where she is now if not for the success of her group, Destiny's Child.

    To this day, she never shies away from any opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists on chart-topping hits such as the recent Flawless (Remix) featuring Nicki Minaj, and Drunk In Love featuring her husband Jay-Z.

    While on our journey to becoming successful individuals, we must never forget the importance of our peers and colleagues in the process. After all, two heads are always better than one.


    Beyonce's partnership with commercial powerhouse Pepsi is probably one of the most successful business moves she has made.

    Especially in the United States, if people are asked who comes to mind when they think of a Pepsi commercial, many will think of Beyonce, the face of the brand.

    Pepsi not only intends to include her in commercials but is also planning to fund her creative projects, including album promotions.

    Beyonce's deal with Pepsi shows that she makes smart business decisions which benefit both her and the company she is collaborating with.

    It shows us that we have to think of the long-term benefits of any decision we make before we go with that choice.


    Beyonce has always had her loyal fans by her side with every album she releases.

    However, nobody really knew how big an influence she was until she took the world by surprise when she released her self-titled album on iTunes without any promotion.

    Within three days of the album's release, a record-breaking 617,000 copies were sold.

    It is evident that Beyonce is a highly influential person who does more than entertain the masses.

    She inspires women to be successful while embracing their femininity, and shows them that there is no "or" in the "beauty or brains" dispute.

    She is living proof that you can take pride in your beauty as well as intelligence.