Jun 30, 2014

    How to make spicy black-sauce chicken


    For pre-frying:

    8 Tbs vegetable oil

    1 medium-sized chicken, approximately 1kg, chopped into 5cm chunks with bones intact

    2 tsp turmeric powder

    2 large red onions, sliced into thin rings

    80g frozen green peas

    3 big potatoes, peeled and sliced into 4cm-long sticks

    For the sauce:

    1/2 Tbs chicken seasoning

    4 Tbs warm water

    2 Tbs vegetable oil

    2 sticks cinnamon

    2 large star anise

    1 Tbs ginger paste

    1 Tbs garlic paste

    2 Tbs chilli paste

    1 large red onion, blended into a paste

    5 Tbs Kicap Manis (sweet black sauce)

    Salt to taste


    For pre-frying:


    Place a medium-size non-stick pan over medium heat and add vegetable oil.


    While waiting for the oil to heat up, coat the chicken pieces in turmeric powder.

    3. When the oil is heated, add the chicken pieces and fry till chicken turns light brown. Remove and set aside.

    4. Stir-fry the sliced onions till translucent. Remove and set aside.

    5. Stir-fry the frozen peas for 30 seconds. Do not overcook or the peas will turn mushy. Remove and set aside.

    6. Fry the potato sticks till they are golden brown or for two minutes. Remove and set aside.

    For the sauce:1.

    Dissolve the chicken seasoning in warm water. Set aside.


    Heat a clean pan over medium heat. Add the vegetable oil.


    When the oil is heated, add the cinnamon sticks and star anise, and stir-fry for 30 seconds or until fragrant.


    Add the ginger and garlic paste and stir-fry for two minutes or until fragrant.


    Add the chilli and onion paste and stir-fry till oil separates from the mixture.


    Immediately add the pre-cooked chicken pieces and chicken seasoning mixture. Stir-fry for about four minutes before adding the Kicap Manis.


    Add the pre-fried onions, potatoes and peas. Add salt to taste. Stir and cover for two minutes or until mixture starts bubbling.


    Remove from heat and serve immediately with steamed basmati rice.

    Serves four