Jul 26, 2016

    How to decide on an optimal career path

    YOU want to work without feeling much pain and to follow your passion.

    Plus, you also hope

    to have a career that suits your personality and skill set. Sounds familiar?

    To figure this out,

    you may have tried

    taking a personality test

    and job quizzes.

    Not to mention, there are also other kinds of tests and quizzes available, such as

    a fingerprint test, if you are willing to spend your time and money to find out what career is suitable for you.

    Such actions may be more important when you are at the beginning of your career or transitioning

    into a new one.

    Indeed, your personality, passion and other life experiences can make

    you more suitable for

    certain professions.

    The key is to understand the thing you are most passionate about and

    are naturally good at

    doing at the same time.

    Here are eight questions that can help shed light on your optimal career path:


    What was your

    "dream job" when

    you were a child?


    What do you believe

    you do best?


    What do others think

    you do best?


    What gets you out

    of bed in the morning?


    If you do not need money, what would

    you do in your life?


    What activity makes

    you lose track of time?


    What are you most recognised for in life

    and at work?


    What do you want to

    be remembered for in life?

    After you answer these questions, you will be able to pick up some common themes and clues for jobs that suit you.

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