Jan 27, 2015

    Hosoda's new anime pairs boy with beast


    RENOWNED anime director Mamoru Hosoda's latest work, Bakemono No Ko (The Boy And The Beast), is set in Tokyo's Shibuya ward and is about a boy growing up. It will be released on July 11.

    Hosoda is known for his films Summer Wars and Wolf Children. He is also sometimes tipped to be the next Hayao Miyazaki, the director of acclaimed animated features Spirited Away and Princess Monoke.

    In Hosoda's new anime, a lonely boy strays into the world of monsters and becomes an apprentice to Kumatetsu, a lonely monster. Their accidental encounter leads to an unexpected adventure.

    The director also wrote the anime's original story and script.

    "It's the story of a boy who gets separated from his parents and grows through training," Hosoda said at a recent press conference in Tokyo. "Although a boy growing up seems like a standard theme, such works are very few and far between nowadays, actually. So I hope people will see (the anime) with a fresh mind."

    He said the anime includes a variety of action scenes. It is scheduled to be shown in France.