Mar 15, 2016

    Have 'me' time

    ALL plan and no play makes for a stressed you. Build in some chill time too.

    Take the weekends off:

    You got the weekends off or regular days off when you were working. If looking for a job is a full-time job, it makes sense to take the weekends off to recharge your batteries.

    Set a fitness goal:

    Incorporate health care into your day. You will look and feel better during your job search.

    Go for a walk or a hike. Or, download a workout podcast and exercise to it.

    Eat healthier - there is no shortage of healthy meal plans online.

    Check out Health Promotion Board's Healthy Chef app (iPhone).

    Reignite your hobbies:

    Had a hobby that you shelved because you were too busy or tired during full-time work? Get out the gardening gloves and start pottering.

    Or, paint that wall in the living room that you have always wanted to or spring-clean the store room.