Dec 11, 2013

    Guess what some hotel guests nick from room

    TAKING the extra toiletries in one's hotel room is something many travellers have done - but what about light bulbs and batteries in the television remote control?

    A new survey by website TripAdvisor has found that two thirds of travellers around the world have taken something from a hotel during their stay.

    The TripBarometer Truth in Travel survey polled nearly 10,500 hotels, and 20,000 travellers above 18 years of age who had taken at least one trip in the past year.

    Both hotels and travellers said the top item that gets taken is toiletries. Tea and coffee are also popular among travellers.

    But hotels said the No. 2 item that went missing is, in fact, the towels provided for guests.

    The survey also found that clothes hangers, batteries in the television remote, light bulbs, ashtrays and bathrobes can get nicked from a hotel room.