Jun 09, 2016

    Great war, but little craft in sequel baiting


    Action-adventure/123 minutes/

    Opens today

    Rating: 3/5

    IF YOU are a fan of World Of Warcraft, then this could be what you have yearned so long for.

    The advantage for everyone else who hasn't dedicated hours to the game is that it is its own story.

    A vast Horde of orcs enters the realm of Azeroth, and most aren't here to be neighbourly. Naturally, the current inhabitants take issue with the invasion.

    The action scenes are great and the characters are not flat good guy/bad guy cut-outs.

    The quality of the motion capture makes you glad that this was made now and not 10 years ago. Toby Kebbell is great as the orc Durotan, looking to find a better solution than crush and conquer.

    But newbies of this world will suffer from a lack of name recognition for the characters.

    Also, it really sets things up for a sequel. A second film is not yet guaranteed so it does leave you hanging and hoping for Part Two.