Aug 11, 2016

    Got the nerve to play deadlier version of Pokemon Go?

    NERVE (PG13)

    Thriller/ 97 minutes/ Now showing

    Rating: 3/5

    IT'S official: I'm old. I have to accept the fact that there are some movies I have trouble enjoying to the fullest because my brain is no longer wired like a flighty teenager's.

    How else to explain the feelings of alienation that struck me as I watched this techno-thriller?

    Adapted from a popular young-adult novel, Nerve is perfect for app-obsessed youngsters.

    In fact, the fictional game Nerve is very much a souped-up version of Pokemon Go. It's tied to Global Positioning System and real-life locations.

    The only difference is that Nerve has the "dare" element thrown in with big prize money at stake.

    Visually, the film is a stunner, with the use of sharp camera angles and vivid, striking colours.

    The intense challenges, such as the one where Ian (Dave Franco) rides a motorbike blindfolded or when Vee (Emma Roberts) walks on a ladder lodged horizontally between windows 12 storeys above the ground, are shot spectacularly.

    It is the characters' motivations and emotional journeys that leave me cold. I cannot understand how Vee can change overnight from a shy, bookish girl to a daredevil.

    Her story arc is written to imply that she always had a latent adventurous streak but the transformation is unrealistic.

    Oh well, guess I'm just a geezer after all.