Feb 19, 2016

    Google to stop running Flash display ads from 2017

    IN WHAT could be perceived as another nail in Flash's coffin, Google has announced that it will no longer service display advertisements built with Flash next year.

    This will take effect from Jan 2, 2017.

    In fact, from as early as June 30 this year, Google will no longer allow display ads built in Flash to be uploaded into Adwords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

    This move by the leader in desktop web browsers and web ads almost certainly indicates that Flash is on its way out.

    Already, Google has created a separate page dedicated to providing help for customers who already have Flash ads uploaded to Adwords, with tools like HTML5 template galleries, and free HTML5 authoring tools to build ads from scratch.

    Existing video ads using Flash will still continue to work but this move by Google ensures that most, if not all, advertisers will shift to the HTML5 format, marking the end of the technology that brought enhanced interactivity options to the web but has subsequently become a frequent vulnerability target.

    With the shift to mobile devices for every-day computing needs, the lack of support for Flash on mobile has turned it into a legacy technology that exists only in the display ad space.