Golden Globe winner Bernal is new Zorro

HERO REBORN: Bernal will play the fictional swashbuckler in Z, which will start shooting later this year.


    May 12, 2016

    Golden Globe winner Bernal is new Zorro

    MOVIEGOERS will again hear the courageous Spanish-speaking swashbuckler squeal "Tornado!" and ride his beloved horse to chase villains.

    Gael Garcia Bernal, a Mexican film actor, is the "anointed one" who is set to portray the role of the masked hero Zorro in the film Z.

    The upcoming sequel of the masked crusader's legend will be written and directed by Jonas Cuaron. STX Entertainment will release the film while Pantelion Films will advertise Z in the Cannes film market.

    The 37-year-old star was tagged by 20th Century Fox last decade when film-makers ventured to produce a remake movie entitled Zorro Reborn.

    After years of waiting, Bernal will be seen hitting the big screen for the much-coveted role popularised by Hollywood veterans such as Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins.

    Bernal, who starred in the 2015 film Desierto, a movie also directed by Cuaron, will dress up as Don Diego de la Vega, a fictional hero who gallantly defended the peasant class in the 1919 Spanish colonisation of California in the United States.

    Diverging from the past Zorro sequels, this franchise is poised to be a "futuristic reboot" to suit the tastes of people in the present, according to reports.

    Z will start shooting later this year at Pinewood Studios located in the Dominican Republic.

    In January, Bernal received the esteemed Golden Globe award for his performance on TV series Mozart In The Jungle, and he will return in the series' third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.