Going the distance to create magical moments for guests

WEDDING PROPOSAL: One of the Pan Pacific Hotel's bubble lifts was the venue for a guest to dine and pop the question.
Going the distance to create magical moments for guests

EVERY WHIM CATERED TO: Almost every need of guests, be it a bathing ritual or special food, can be filled, thanks to personal butlers who wait on guests hand and foot.


    Feb 10, 2014

    Going the distance to create magical moments for guests

    Seasoned concierges around town share their most memorable requests

    "ONE of our members was planning her wedding and among her list of guests was a long-lost nanny from the time when she was a child. We didn't have any information on her besides a photograph and the name she would often fondly call her by.

    "With help from our regional offices and after much searching, we were able to track her down and make the necessary arrangements for her to attend the wedding," says Ms Caroline Lam, executive director of Quintessentially Lifestyle.

    "A businessman client had a meeting in Shanghai and before boarding a plane home in the evening, he called to ask for 1,000 roses to be sent to a girl in Shanghai by midnight.

    "We managed to source for 1,000 roses to be sent to the girl by his deadline," says Mr Andrew Quake, general manager, Aspire Lifestyles Singapore and senior director of global accounts, Aspire Lifestyles Asia.

    "My personal favourite is from a husband who asked us to make a CD with the No. 1 song of each year that he and his wife had been together since their marriage," says Mr James Eyton, Asia-Pacific CEO of LesConcierges, supporting partner of Visa Concierge Services.

    "We arranged a bathing ritual in our elegant Presidential Suite bathroom which overlooked the city from the 20th floor. This meant filling up the bathtub with ice cubes, rose petals and bath foam.

    "Though not requested, we also placed a selection of aromatherapy oils and a bottle of champagne for the guest," says Mr Bernard Theseira, head of concierge services at the St Regis Hotel.

    "We stopped one of our bubble lifts for a guest and his partner to have a private dinner in, replete with butler service while the sun set against the city skyline behind them. It was a stunning wedding proposal that took place on a Valentine's Day and the cost of the six-course dinner was $8,888," says Pan Pacific Singapore's chief concierge, Mr Alvin Koh.

    "We arranged for a member to take his girlfriend to an Italian piazza and convince her to have her caricature drawn by a local artist. While she sat in anticipation of a funny image, the artist drew the boyfriend proposing with a speech bubble with the immortal words 'Will you marry me?'.

    "The artist then turned the portrait around for the woman to see," says Mr Andrew Long, chief executive officer, Ten Group Asia Pacific.