Aug 22, 2016

    Girls' Generation's Tiffany dropped by Korean cosmetic brand


    GIRLS' Generation member Tiffany will no longer be the face of the cosmetic brand IPKN.

    The K-pop star, who had been endorsing IPKN since 2013, has been replaced by two top models.

    IPKN has unveiled a photo on its official Instagram and Twitter accounts, with the caption "Who's Next?".

    The move immediately provoked fans to criticise its sudden dismissal of Tiffany over a social-media mistake.

    IPKN quickly responded by asserting that the recent controversy surrounding her did not influence its decision.

    It explained that her contract with the brand ended in June, and it wrapped up the last photoshoot in July.

    IPKN unveiled top models Ji Hyun Jung and Jin Jung Sun as the new faces of its brand.

    It also released a promotional advertisement with the duo.

    There had also been escalating calls for Tiffany to leave Korean reality show Unnies' Slam Dunk for her indiscretion.

    She has been the target of heavy criticism since she posted an update on one of her social-media channels which included an image of Japan's rising-sun flag, the day before South Korea's National Liberation Day on Aug 15.

    She posted an apology but it appears she is suffering from the repercussions of her accidental unpatriotic actions.